Webinar - Online Ceremonies

 Connecting with Grandmother Moon & Mother Earth
- through the Nordic Seasons

Every New Moon holds a magical opportunity.
Opportunity to connect to Goddess and the flow of life.

Through the cycles of the New Moons we travel together.
Exploring our deepest desires and dreams.
Exploring the Nordic Goddesses and the Nordic Wheel of the year.

Uni Arndísar, an Icelandic Völva & Priestess of the Goddess,
offers “
Nordic Moon” Online-ceremonies each New Moon of the year.

Ceremonies that include audio recorded meditations & recipes for Ceremonies dedicated
to Grandmother Moon, Mother Earth and the Divine Nordic Feminine.

-Are you longing for a deeper connection with yourself?
-Do you wish to learn more about the cycles of Grandmother Moon
and Mother Earth?
-Do you wish to learn more about the Divine Nordic Feminine
and Goddesses?
Do you wish to travel on a sacred journey towards yourself and your true sacred powers?

Come join Nordic Moon sisters on a magical, sacred journey towards the wisdom of
Grandmother Moon, Mother Earth and the Nordic Goddesses.

~Grandmother Moon~
Every New Moon offers a new beginning. We are given a chance to listen and hear the voice of the Great Mother through the cycles of the Moon.
The Moon affects the ocean tides and water levels of Mother Earth. The Moon affects women´s menstrual cycles and feelings.
By following the rhythms of Grandmother Moon we learn to listen to our bodies and feelings on a deeper level. We get in a deeper touch with our intuition and knowledge that comes from within. Grandmother Moon has been following your every step through life. She holds the magical power of intuition and feminine sensitivity. Listen to the song of the Moon within your own heart, and find your voice in harmony with Hers.


~Mother Earth~
Mother Earth moves through seasons and rhythms. Mother Earth is in constant movement, a slow rhythm and dance with the energies of the universe and planets surrounding Her. Mother Earth sustains us and supports our life with offering Her waters and abundance to us. By learning to listen to Her rhythms and flow - through Her seasons, we find how She affects our bodies and lives.
In the North the seasons hold a key to our inner Goddess. We follow the Nordic Seasons to connect on a deeper level to Mother Earth and Her song and voice. The seasons of the North offer us to dive into the winter and darkness of Great Mother with love and support. Her mild and bright summer nights offer us to see ourselves in a more clear light. Her Northern Lights and clear waters will guide our way towards our own sacred lights and deepen our feeling of support and love.
We learn to listen to Her, and make offerings to Her through Her seasons.


In Goddess traditions all over our beautiful planet we have followed the rhythms of
Grandmother Moon and Mother Earth to find sacred flow that affects our deepest core.

By learning to flow with the seasons and tides of Grandmother Moon and Mother Earth,
we find the sacred flow within our own being. 

Nordic Moon is here to offer you deeper practise, helping you
find your own sacred voice through ceremonies and meditations.

Goddess Ceremonies every New Moon

Nordic Moon offers Goddess Ceremonies on every New Moon.
Sign up and you will be sent a ceremony each month to follow on the New Moon.
A ceremony that will include candle wishes, sacred journeys with audio recorded meditations.
Also you will get directions on how to bring blessings and offerings into your daily life.

Our next Celebrations:

June 6 - Goddess Snotra - Beauty
July 5 - Goddess Sól - Passion
August 4 - Goddess Fulla - Abundance
September 3 - Goddess Gefjun - Protection
October 2 - Goddess Vör - Knowledge
November 1 - Goddess Vár - Peace
December 1 - Goddess Bil - Calm
December 30 - Goddess Jörð - Grounding

Every Ceremony includes:
*Goddess Meditation - audio recorded meditation that you download and is yours forever.
*New Moon Ceremony - recipe for a ritual you can create and do wherever you are.
*Song for the Goddess present this moon cycle.
*Advice on altar creations and decorations, and practices to connect to Goddess on a deeper level.
*Nordic Moon Facebook group -
access to a closed group on FB where we share and communicate Goddess.

You can sign up for 13 New Moon Ceremonies or choose one at a time.
200 Euros = All 13 Nordic Moon Ceremonies.
100 Euros = pick any 6
Nordic Moon Ceremonies.
20 Euros = One individual
Nordic Moon ceremony.

Uni is a Völva, Musician and Healer from Iceland.
She has walked her spiritual path all her life, following the wisdom of her ancestors and the inspiration of the vibrant fairy world, living within the beautiful Nature Temple of Iceland.
With a passion for spirit and healing in heart she has travelled the world and learned from different paths and traditions. Amongst others the Native American tradition in New Mexico, the Avalon Priestess training in Glastonbury and the path of Yoga and Meditation.
In Iceland, Uni has retrieved ancient wisdom from the Norse Mythology, through her close collaboration with Animistic Reynir Katrinar. Together they released an album as the duo Seiðlæti, called Þagnarþulur, dedicated to Frigg and the Goddesses of Fensalir.
As a musician and sound-healer, Uni releases her own music and creates songs that bring the Icelandic Goddess to the world.

"Uni is a gifted spiritual teacher and sister bringing deep wisdom of Icelandic Goddesses to women everywhere. I have been fortunate to meet her and discover how my internal environment as a woman reflects the cycles of mother nature. This wisdom helps to understand and normalise the complex emotional and mental cycles we women experience. Her Nordic Moon Ceremonies are a medicine that can heal the most wounded hearts and minds. Her voice immediately transports you to the land of Goddess making you feel safe just like being in a mother’s womb. I highly recommend Uni’s Nordic Moon ceremonies to all women who are seeking to be healed."
Jyoti Sharma, India

"Deep and insightful meditations! An opportunity that I am very grateful for. Being able to celebrate each new moon, getting in touch with my inner self. Uni walks us through the meditations with such a transcendent voice, paired with a deep knowledge of the Nordic Goddesses and the rhythms of the natural world."
Pami, Portugal

“Nordic Moon has helped me through a difficult but also spiritual developing year. Taking one step at a time, from one New Moon Ceremony to the next, has given me strength. A day totally focused on my wellbeing and spirit, a day of hope and recharging my batteries. I will keep the Nordic Goddesses as my friends in the future and I will carry on with celebrating them throughout the year.”
 Anette Westin, Sweden

Goddess Lofn
New Moon ~ January

- Self Blessings -

The first New Moon of the year brings blessings.
Goddess Lofn and the Queen of Winter embrace us in the magic of soft wintertime. Reminding us of the first spark of light lit at the Winter Solstice. The wonderful energies of the New Year bring hope, like the spark of light in the darkness.

On the January New Moon we set new goals and wishes for the New Year. We cleanse out the old and make room for the new. We offer ourselves a blessing as the first step on our Sacred Journey.The New Moon in January brings hope and light.

Goddess Syn
New Moon ~ February

- Miracles -

New Moon in February brings us Northern Lights and miracles. We bring our attention to the magic of the Northern lights and allow them to fill our lives with sparkling blessings. We now focus our attention to honesty, and we do a little cleanse, to be able to see ourselves in our true “Northern” light.

In our New Moon Ceremony in February we ask Goddess Syn and the Northern lights to bless us. We breathe and notice how much healing and peace we can bring into our lives with just breathing. We use incense to cleanse and connect with Goddess Syn in our meditation, we make wishes and connect with the miracles in our lives.

Goddess Gná
New Moon ~ March

- Courage -

The New Moon in March is the Easter-Moon, the Chocolate Moon in the North. It is the season of Chocolate.  We will offer ourselves nourishing warmth, with hot chocolate and tea. Connecting with Goddess Gná that will guide us towards the beauty of Springtime.

Goddess Gná, the goddess of Courage, offers us new energy when the seasons are changing. Spring Equinox has offered us changes and we await brighter days with hope and longing. New Moon in April brings hope, courage and energy to greet a new season with Self-love. We give gratitude for the nourishment and power that Mother Earth offers in this season, with a nourishing ceremony for body and soul.

Goddess Sága
New Moon ~ April

- Magic -

On the New Moon in April Goddess Sága reminds us of Magic. We dedicate to childlike innocence with believe in fairytales and magic. 

Goddess Sága is the Goddess of intuition, emotions and magic. She brings us Her magic in March to remind us that seasons will change soon. Even though it is hard to believe that the long winter will end, Sága´s water and rainbows fills our spirit with new life force. She teaches us to use water for healing and blessings. We move closer to the Spring Equinox and await brighter days with hope and longing.

Goddess Sjöfn
New Moon ~ May

- Love -

New Moon in May is the Love Moon. We nourish self love and devote this time to learn to love ourselves as we are, and bring Mother Earth love and blessings in ceremony.

Goddess Sjöfn is the Love Goddess of the North. She teaches us to love and be loved. We stand at the transitional times between spring and summer, and celebrate the flowers blooming. We nourish our hearts with love and allow our hearts to bloom into the energies of summertime. We call upon the Goddess of Love, Sjöfn, and ask for a blessing.

Goddess Snotra
New Moon ~ June

- Beauty -

In the North the New Moon in June is the moon of summer and beauty. We celebrate Summer at Summer Solstice and embrace new beauty.

Goddess Snotra is the goddess of wisdom, beauty and summer in full bloom. She brings us gentleness and neutrality, and offers us to enjoy the breath of happiness in summertime. We bring Mother Earth offerings in gratitude for bringing us summer once more. We call to Snotra on this Moon Cycle and ask for a summer healing in all its bloom.

Goddess Sól
New Moon ~ July

- Passion -

On a New Moon in July Goddess Sól blesses us with life force and creativity. We celebrate summer and Mother Earth in full bloom.

Goddess Sól is a goddess of fame and fortune, clarity and beauty. She supports us in entering into our own power and strength, and helps us shine our light of beauty for all the world to see.  In the New Moon ceremony dedicated to Goddess Sól we embrace ourselves in the beautiful light of the Sun Goddess of the North, and bless each step we take on Mother Earth in full bloom and beauty.

Goddess Fulla
New Moon ~ August

-Abundance -

New Moon in August is the Moon of abundance and summer fruits. Goddess Fulla fills us with energy and abundance, and reminds us of gratitude. The Summer has brought us beauty and abundance in fruits and herbs, and now it is time to celebrate and give thanks.

Goddess Fulla is the goddess of abundance and happiness. She reminds us to give thanks to Mother Earth for everything she has brought and given us in the brightness of summer. She also reminds us to take good care of our body and nourish it with gratitude and honour.
In the New Moon Ceremony dedicated to Goddess Fulla we give thanks and offer our bodies blessings, we offer Mother Earth gratitude for the fruits and abundance She has brought us this season.

Goddess Gefjun
New Moon ~ September

- Protection -

New Moon in September is the moon of protection, emotions and intuition. Goddess Gefjun brings peace and harmony in the end of summer and beginning of autumn. We say goodbye to summer and welcome a new season of autumn with gratitude.

Goddess Gefjun is the Goddess of protection and emotions. She helps us to cleanse away the old and create new energies for us to help make our dreams come true in a new season.
In a Moon Ceremony dedicated to Goddess Gefjun we bring gratitude towards Mother Earths waters, and the waters ability to cleanse. The Water Ceremony of Goddess Gefjun brings clear clarity and blessings in the beginning of autumn and winter.

Goddess Vör
New Moon ~ October

- Wisdom -

New Moon in October is the moon of inner wisdom, darkness and hidden knowledge. Goddess Vör brings us connection to our inner knowledge. We celebrate the coming of winter and darkness with strength and trust in our true self.

Goddess Vör is the goddess of hidden knowledge and inner wisdom. She helps us discover our true strength and brings perfect balance. She is the breath of life, and brings comfort and strength when we have to look within and discover our darkest sides.
In a Moon Ceremony dedicated to Goddess Vör we embrace darkness of winter and find the spark of life within, that will be our guiding light through the darkness and cold of the winter season.

Goddess Vár
New Moon ~ November

- Peace -

New Moon in November is a moon of peace, reconciliation and calmness. We step into the stillness of wintertime, set goals and swear oaths for the season to come.

Goddess Vár is the goddess of peace and discipline. She helps us set new goals for ourselves and follow through. She is the protectress of promises, oaths and vows.
Vár is the witness and protector of oaths, and listens when we swear to them in our lives. She is the soft, gentle and peaceful wise woman that knows every story that the North holds dear.

In a New Moon Ceremony dedicated to Goddess Vár we vow to new spiritual goals for the winter and the season ahead. We connect with inner peace and wisdom, seek answers and reconciliations from within.

Goddess Bil
New Moon ~ December

- Calm -

New Moon in December is the moon of the moment, stillness and balance.
Goddess Bil brings us closer to the Now with Her magic and connection with the Moon Goddess. Winter Solstice fills us this season with magic of light and peace. Bil helps us to connect with the magic of the Moon and brings us balance and stillness in this beautiful season of winter.

Goddess Bil is the goddess of the Now, of patience and harmony. She encourages us to live in the now and find peace and quiet in the moment. She is a Moon Goddess and brings us closer to the rhythms of the Moon. She supports women in connecting with their own inner rhythms and their true feminine intuition.

In a Ceremony dedicated to Goddess Bil we Meditate and connect with our magical abilities, and the Inner Moon Goddess, that whispers and sings to us the true meaning of life.

Goddess Jörð
13th Moon of the year
- Grounding -

Some years we are offered 13 New Moons - then we celebrate the Goddess Ceremony of Goddess Jörð. This Ceremony can move around between years.

Goddess Jörð is the goddess of peace and contentment. She reminds us of the importance to connect with the earth through ceremony and gratitude. In a Moon Ceremony dedicated to Goddess Jörð we bring our bodies gratitude, we bring Mother Earth gratitude for the live and abundance She brings us. We connect with Mother Earth and bring offerings, and make Her a promise to protect Her and bless.